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1052 / 1500 Server is Online and is Populated

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Patch Notes

Dear Rigid Community,

We are glad to announce that today's patch includes the following:

-Fixed the teleport inside the fortress war with fellow pets, gold pets.
-Fixed bug with magic stones and materials causes the char to be bugged.
-Restored the fusing time back to the original 3 seconds.
-Changed the game features schedule time.
-Fixed jangan and bandit fortress war bugs.
-Fixed the fortress structures.
-Rebuilt the fortress structures with the right level and hp.
-Modified the Flame Cow king to drop d9 moons.
-Modified the Ghost Sereness to drop d10 moons.
-Welcome [GM]Rigito to RIGID Crew.

Emergency Inspection Completed

Hello Rigid Players,

The scheduled emergency inspection has been completed.

Jan 12 2017 Patch Notes:
-Fixed a serious bug with the server where some items bug your character and you get DC in lobby.
-Added 11x Global chat reward in fortress war occupancy count, complete the wins count
-Increased the stones and elixirs drop rate (as requested from the community).
-Char creation free items is now for the 1st char only and can be claimed from webstorage.


Scroll Bug & Rollback

Hello Rigid players,

After 24 hours and a bit of hard work and researching we have finally put the server back online.
After the Scroll bug we felt like a huge compensation was needed for the lost time, rollback and general experience, we have also added in a couple of new updates from the community suggestions so all in all we hope you like it.

Jan 10 2017 Inspection:
-Rollback to Jan-07 12:00AM completed.
-Zerk potions cooldown set to 15 minutes.
-Fixed the fortress war ownership bug.
-Fixed LangNedDuath Occupicy count in fortresswar to 2.
-Stat recall price changed to 550silk.
-Astral/Immo price changed to 65silk.
-Duke/Countless avatar added to webmall.
-Fixed some client text UI bugs.
-Disabled, fellow pets, grab pets, in fortress war.
-Silk scroll disabled temporarily.
-B4 mobs delay spawn timer decreased.
-B4 mobs all level increased.
-Removed D10 moon drops from Medusa.
-Added D10 moon drops to Serenes
-Added D10 moon drops to CowKing
-Medusa drops modified, 2x reverse scroll, 2x global scroll, DG9 SOX drops, 1x of each rigid coins.
-Snow flake event ended.
-Xmas decors removed.

Compensation for Rollback:
x30 each of Rigid Coins added to all accounts.
x2 1000% exp/sp (Lv50~100) added to all accounts based on your level.
500 Silver Silk to all registered accounts.

We are so sorry for what happened, it is truly our fault and we take full responsibilty and blame, we hope to work towards a better future and avoid horrible things like these to ever happen again.
For now, we're back!

Rigid is Rigid!

Rigid Crew

Important Timers

  • War Registration

    Monday ~ Friday

  • Battle Arena

  • Survival Arena

  • Styria Clash

  • Roc Spawn

    Between 18:00 - 22:00

  • Medusa

  • Daily Quest

  • Capture The Flag

Fortress Owners

Server Basics

  • ExpRate: 6x
  • Pt Exp Rate: 8x
  • Job Exp Rate: 7x
  • Drop Item Rate: 3x
  • Gold Drop Rate: 2x
  • Quest Rate: 2x

  • Cap: 100 (Dynamic)
  • Races: Chinese & European
  • HWID Limit: 2

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