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Sun Masters & Community Update

Dear Rigid Community,

After a long wait and hard work it's finally here! The long awaited Sun update and community requests.
This update will give you the opportunity to get your final 10 degree gear much easier and faster, you and your friends will finally have the ability to dominate Rigid with your awesome sun gear.

Not only is the sun something which you'll obtain much easier, throughout the past months the community made several requests and suggestions.
These suggestions are all made to improve the server and bring a better gameplay to it, we heard you, we understand and we have applied alot of them.

The following suggestion have been added based on votes by the Rigid Community:
- [Fortress War duration has been decreased from 120 minutes to 90 minutes]
- [Weapon glows changed for +10, +13, +14 and +15]
- [Rondos added in attendance/daily login reward]
- [Job equiptments are now tradable]
- [Specialty Goods drop rate increased]
-- Twice as much as the current rate.
- [Reverse Scrolls added in level reward for levels 70,80,90 and 100]
- [Styria Clash now gives pearls instead of stones]
- [Styria Clash win reward increased from 20 to 50]
- [Target Trading black/blue pearls reward increased]
-- Twice as much as the current rate.
- [Drug speed stacks increased to 2k]
- [Serenes 3/4* now only drops Rigid Silver Coins]
- [CTF Trophies reward changed to 10 Rigid Copper Coins for 10 Trophies]
- [CTF win reward increased to 10 Rigid Copper Coins]
- [CTF now have loss and draw reward]
-- Draw : 8 Coins, Loss : 5 Coins.
- [Rigid Store prices revised]
- [Unique attacking restrictions removed]
- [Auto-pick pet now avoid Dimension Holes]
- [Every normal unique does have the chance to drop ONE random Rigid Coin of the 4 types]
-- Copper - Bronze - Silver - Gold 
- [PK level restriction has been set 20 levels difference]

In addition to the community update, obtaining sun is now much easier and should bring much more excitement.
- [Weapon] Copper 320 - Bronze 700 - Silver 120 - Gold 300
- [Shield] Copper 320 - Bronze 700 - Silver 120 - Gold 250
- [Head] Copper 150 - Bronze 380 - Silver 30 - Gold 120
- [Chest] Copper 160 - Bronze 420 - Silver 50 - Gold 135
- [Legs] Copper 150 - Bronze 420 - Silver 40 - Gold 120
- [Shoulder] Copper 135 - Bronze 380 - Silver 28 - Gold 105
- [Hands] Copper 130 - Bronze 370 - Silver 25 - Gold 100
- [Foot] Copper 140 - Bronze 380 - Silver 30 - Gold 115

Please note that our terms should be followed if you own a Rigid account, read them at https://rigid.online/terms.

We thank you for your suggestions and input through the last months, we hope to bring you much more content in the near future.

We hope you enjoy.
Rigid Crew!

Sun Masters & Community Update Downtime

Dear Rigid players,

The server is going down for updates and maintenance.
Please remain patient as our developers work on bringing you a more exciting and more stable gameplay.

The update is scheduled to take 1 hour but it can take longer than the given time.

Join the discussion on our discord.

Rigid Crew

Feb 22 Patch Notes:

-Please welcome our new supporters list:
-The supporters have access to a few gm commands in game they will use to keep the game activities on the right path. if you will be afk in any game activity you will be put in prison for a period of time and the time of jail do not decrease if you are offline.
-Fixed a bug when you cant reconnect sometimes after a random dc.

Feb 16 2018 Patch Notes:

-Server moved to a new better host.
-Website will be enabled later.
-Kentaro commands will be enabled later

Feb 14 2018 Patch Notes #2:

-Fixed the cause of the server crash again (too many crashes from no where)
-Disabled the bandit fortress and removed the occupy guild.
-You cant register for bandit or ca fortress anymore, you will get "cant find target error" msg.

Important Timers

  • War Registration

    Monday ~ Friday

  • Battle Arena

  • Survival Arena

  • Styria Clash

  • Roc Spawn

    Between 21:00 - 01:00

  • Medusa

  • Daily Quest

  • Capture The Flag

Fortress Owners

  • Jangan FairyTail Corruption <3
  • Hotan Always ready to act! <3 CorruptioN <3 FairyTail

Server Basics

  • ExpRate: 6x
  • Pt Exp Rate: 8x
  • Job Exp Rate: 7x
  • Drop Item Rate: 3x
  • Gold Drop Rate: 2x
  • Quest Rate: 2x

  • Cap: 100 (Dynamic)
  • Races: Chinese & European
  • HWID Limit: 2